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to unite or fuse (as pieces of metal) by hammering, compressing, or the like, especially after rendering soft or pasty by heat, and sometimes with the addition of fusible material like or unlike the pieces to be united. 2. to bring into complete union, harmony, agreement, etc. verb (used without object) 3. Welding rod - Arc welding - Electric arc welding - Flash butt welding. A gas shielded arc welding method in which the heat is produced using a non-consumable tungsten electrode to transfer the arc to the work piece. TOP. Welding Dictionary -H. Hertz. Hertz is referred as "cycles per second". View the Miller welding dictionary to help you understand all things welding. Learn terms from the industry and terms that are exclusive to Miller technology.

Welding Dictionary. MM. A • TIG • MIG/M. A. G • Plasma. EWM W elding D ictionary. MIG/MAG. MMA. TIG. PLASMA. More information at com/. Weld definition is - to become or be capable of being welded. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced. Cutting & Welding Dictionary. Many of the terms here have been reprinted or adapted with permission from AWS A, Standard Welding Terms and.

Constant Current (CC) Welding Machine · Constant Voltage (CV), Constant Potential (CP) Welding Machine · Constant-Speed Wire Feeder · Current · Defect . n fastening two pieces of metal together by softening with heat and applying pressure. Types: butt welding, butt-welding. creating a butt joint by welding. spot welding, spot-welding. creating an overlapping joint by welding at small points. welding definition: the activity of joining metal parts together. Learn more. Definition of weld - join together (metal parts) by heating the surfaces to the point of melting with a blowpipe, electric arc, or other means, and uni. A selection of Welding dictionaries, glossaries and terminologies compiled by Lexicool.

When blacksmiths were plying their trade, welding was not by electric arc or acetylene torch. The two pieces of iron were heated in a forge, and then beat on an. flash butt welding, flash welding - butt welding by creating an electric arc between the two pieces which melts and joins them; used for joining segments of metal. 2 Mar - 4 min - Uploaded by Yurii Koval 10,'s of Secrets About Black's Law Dictionary That Black's Doesn't Want You to Know. Weld definition: To weld one piece of metal to another means to join them by heating the edges and putting | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and.


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